Energy Cost Reduction

Sustainable savings on your energy bills

When you’re in business, reducing your energy bills isn’t as simple as reducing your energy usage. We have a solution. And the good news is, not only is there zero outlay involved, but you may be able to partially power your business using biomass by-products from your existing production processes.

  • It’s simple
  • It’s sustainable
  • It saves you money

It’s a win-win solution

Ease of system adoption:

  • No need to dismantle existing energy systems
  • Straightforward installation using a standard shipping container
  • Zero capital outlay
  • Maintenance fully covered

We give you the power to transform biomass into fuel for your business.

This can then be used instead of expensive mains gas, allowing you to reduce your energy bills. Our innovative system processes your biomass, producing two new components; biochar (which we sell onto agricultural businesses to enrich their soil) and energy which can be stored or routed into a boiler system to be used as fuel within your business.

In the simplest terms, the EASYCHAR onsite system is like a mini gas field for your business, only instead of burning up non-renewable fossil fuels, you’re transforming biomass into fuel to power your business.
It’s a sustainable onsite solution that cuts your costs at no cost to you (you don’t pay a penny; we supply and maintain the system in return for collecting the biochar and associated carbon credits generated).
It all adds up to a great alternative to traditional mains gas usage.