What if you could turn biomass into cost-effective energy for your business for no charge?


With EASYCHAR you can. We supply, install, and maintain, the technology you need to transform biomass into energy onsite, helping you save on your energy bills. There’s no charge for the system for as long as it’s on your site; we simply collect the resulting biochar and carbon credits to cover our costs.

Energy cost reduction made simple

We take care of everything for you – from installation to annual maintenance – at no additional cost to your business. It really is that easy to make great savings on your energy costs.

EASYCHAR – a fully integrated energy supply chain

For smart sustainable savings that offer further significant benefits to your business, EASYCHAR is a real game changer.

Significant cost savings

Sustainable source of energy

Sustainable recycling of by-products where appropriate

Reduction of carbon footprint of your business