Generating your own energy is surprisingly simple

You put in your biomass and the system converts it to usable energy and biochar. It really is that easy for you and your team.

Once we install the system at your site, all you need to do is feed in your biomass, which will be converted into the two separate elements: energy and biochar.

Ease of system adoption:

  • No need to dismantle existing energy systems
  • Straightforward installation using a standard shipping container
  • Zero capital outlay
  • Maintenance fully covered

We cover the equipment costs through biochar sales and carbon credit pre-sales schemes.

We take care of onsite installation, maintenance, and collection of the biochar, you save money by using the energy created instead of mains gas or LPG. We will also arrange the certification and onsite audits required to get everything up and running.

The biochar that is produced as part of the process is collected by us and sold for use in agriculture or horticulture – the biochar locks away carbon, taking it out of circulation, whilst enriching and improving the soil.