In 2019 the EASYCHAR team spotted the potential of biochar and turning different business by-products into something useful.

So, we started to explore how biochar could be used to benefit as many people as possible. We knew there was something there that could be game-changing – the challenge was to work out what.

In late 2020, a conversation with carbon credit platform, led us to see the potential of the carbon credits market and things started to fall into place. What if we would give businesses onsite resources to produce biochar – and to fund it all with carbon credit sales? That’s how the idea for EASYCHAR began.

We could see that large-scale, centralised hubs weren’t the solution.

We wanted to put the power in the hands of our customers and make sure that they got the benefits of using biomass more thoughtfully. We needed to find someone who shared our vision and could help us create a system that could be installed and function in our customers’ existing production sites.

Fast-forward to early 2023 and we found SPSC GmbH, a company that not only shared our vision, but which had the expertise to make it a reality. A few meetings later and everything was in place for our partnership and things began to take off – and best of all, the journey is just beginning.

We believe that natural resources shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be used more carefully and thoughtfully.

We also believe whilst technology can be used to create climate-friendly solutions, that these projects shouldn’t be done for the sake of it or to tick a box – they should bring real business benefits for those who use them. We believe that EASYCHAR does just that – it reduces the use of fossil fuels, is carbon negative and it helps businesses cut their energy bills. In other words, it benefits everyone, every step of the way.

Our core value is to carefully use natural resources. We strongly believe that the wide implementation of technological innovations should be based on economic benefits.  In other words, climate-friendly initiatives should be commercially healthy and help companies to strengthen their business performance.  All EASYCHAR efforts are targeting these principles.