Carbon Footprint Reduction

Carbon-negative is just one of the positives

With EASYCHAR it’s not just money on your fuel bills that you’ll be saving. Switching to our system can help make a positive difference to the planet as well as your bottom line by cutting your use of fossil fuels, whilst turning biomass into energy for your business. And it doesn’t end there. The process not only recycles your biomass into energy, but it also generates biochar which can be used to reduce your carbon footprint. So, you can make a positive impact and a huge step forward on your company’s journey to net zero.

Full lifecycle to carbon credits

Biomass loaded to reactor

Biochar produced

Biochar distributed to local farmers

Carbon locked and carbon credits produced


Once equipment is installed it starts to generate carbon credits immediately, 24/7

1 tonne

of biomass processed with EASYCHAR locks more than 800kg of CO₂

Converting biomass into biochar is a carbon-negative way to power your business whilst alternative energy sources such as solar and wind are only carbon neutral.  Because biochar actually stores carbon long-term, it keeps the carbon out of the atmosphere. Plus, it reduces your usage of fossil fuels, boosting the benefits to the environment as well as cutting your energy costs.