The innovative way to cut your energy bills

We give you everything you need to turn biomass into energy for your business.

EASYCHAR is changing the way that companies power their business.

Especially those that naturally produce biomass by-products. Our innovative technology is installed at your site, giving you the power to turn biomass into energy. We take care of every aspect of it – literally:

  • We supply and install the necessary equipment at your site

  • We provide annual maintenance of the system to keep things running safely and smoothly

  • And we do it all at no cost to your business

We don’t believe saving on your energy bills should cost you money.

In return for giving you our innovative system, we take the biochar end-product away and sell it on to the agricultural and farming sectors. The biochar helps replenish and enrich the soil, helping growers get better results without chemical fertilisers. And because this also helps avoid carbon release by keeping it in the soil, we also earn carbon credits which cover our costs, so we don’t charge you at any stage of the process.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Turning biomass into biochar not only generates energy for your business but it also helps cut carbon emissions. Find out how we reduce carbon footprints as well as energy bills.

Carbon footprint reduction by businesses is of high importance

Cost of fuel is increasing exponentially in the UK

Our proposal addresses both of these problems