Generating your own energy – and the resulting savings – is surprisingly simple.

We provide, install, and maintain the system for you, it sits on your site and transforms biomass into usable gas for your business and biochar (which we sell to agricultural users to cover our costs).

The system naturally generates a large volume of biomass by-products as part of the standard production process. And, because the gas is produced onsite, supply cannot be affected by external factors such as pipeline access.

We have adapted a large-scale EfW technology to be suitable for production facilities such as distilleries, green houses or other businesses requiring gas or thermal energy. As well as producing Biochar, this technology delivers massive cost savings on thermal energy generation. Our business model means we can supply this carbon negative system at zero capital outlay.

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The process is simple, you put your biomass waste in, the onsite system produces energy for your business to use, and we collect the resulting biochar which we sell on for use in farming and agriculture.

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EasyChar is the perfect solution for any business that naturally produces biomass by-products, such as breweries and distilleries.

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Our innovative technology is made by one of Germany’s best-known manufacturers, so while the idea may be new, the expertise behind it is well-established.